I felt like this past summer flew by so quickly. It had to have been the quickest 3 months in my life. With school starting this back past Monday, this week couldn’t have been any more different. It has felt like the slowest week ever, every day seems like a year in itself.

I can’t believe it’s only Thursday. All I know is I’m already pretty drained from using my brain again. Yesterday was a super long day with classes and ministry. So today I’m feeling the effects, but even though I am tired I knew there were things that needed to be done.

After I got out of classes I made a schedule in my head to do a handful of homework assignments ahead of time. I have one paper due tomorrow and a couple readings due Monday and I wanted to get started in advance. But of course I got ahead myself and wanted to even start on two books that need to be read by next month. To be honest it was a little overwhelming thinking about everything I needed to do. God knew how I felt and He knew exactly what I needed to do, slow down, but it happened in the most unexpected way.

As I left school and got on the highway to head home my gas light came on so I got off the closest exit to fill up. That’s when my dad called me and told me him, my mom and sister just the left a doctors appointment and was wondering if I wanted to meet up for lunch. At first I didn’t want to because I knew I needed to go do some work, but I asked them where they were. Ironically they were in the area I was getting gas at. Since I was so close I decided to just go ahead and meet with them.

After we ate I was about to head home when my mom said she wanted to go to some stores in the area and asked me to come. Again I didn’t really want to because I was already behind “my schedule” but I felt like I should go with them, so I went. What I thought was going to be a quick lunch ended up being a 3 hour event. At first I was a little flustered because my schedule didn’t exist anymore at that point but that’s when I realized something.

God gave me a moment to rest. To slow down. To take some weight off my shoulders and help me not be overwhelmed. I realized I was trying to do too much, more than I needed. He gave me a time with my family to be filled with joy and peace so I could be rejuvenated and I am so thankful for that.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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