To be honest all my life reading in general has never been something I enjoyed at all. The first book I finished from cover to cover was only 3 years ago. It’s sad but reading was never a strong suit for me by any means and I’ve seen some negative fruits of that. Because my lack of interest in reading I’ve always found it really difficult to enjoy reading the bible.

But God is a good father and because He is a good father He teaches His lessons by discipline His children and boy did I get taught a lesson by Him. How? Deciding to be a Biblical Studies major a couple years ago. I did not know what I was getting myself into. My major literally consists of reading books, writing papers, reading the bible, writing essays, reading more and writing more. But I am so thankful for that. It wasn’t easy at first and I’m still learning but slowly and surely I’m gaining a passion and enjoyment in reading.

This past summer I had a conviction a true conviction that I haven’t been reading scripture as much as I should for my personal faith and growth. The times I did read was for school (academic purposes) or for ministry. So near the end of the my summer break I started to get into scripture more and more but then I saw it fizzling out once again.

But again God is a good Father. I just started school a couple days ago and God has opened doors for me to further my personal scripture reading. I somehow have made two separate commitments with two brothers from Refresh to do one on one bible reading together. I haven’t done something like this in the longest time and God of course made it happen in the most perfect timing.

At first I looked at it quite honestly as another thing on my to-do-list, another burden. But as I have been taking time on my own to do the readings that we decided to do together before we met, I have been falling in love with the Bible once more. God has been using these times to really speak into my heart and encourage my personal walk with Him.

Today I met up with one of the brothers for the first time since we decided to read the book of Titus. So we met to talk about the notes we have taken and share what stood out and challenged us. I really saw God through it. I was able to verbalize how God spoke to me through the verses which helped me process even better what really stood our to me. Also it was a blessing to witness how the words of God impacted my brother. This time of bible study together today filled me with an excitement to dig deeper into God’s words of me.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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