A month or so ago I missed a Sunday at church because I was stuck at an airport coming back from our Haiti mission trip. That Sunday I heard we had a new comer at church interested in Refresh but I wasn’t able to meet him. After that I contacted him and was hoping to meet but he didn’t come for a couple weeks. But when I least expected he came again last Sunday where I met him for the first time and he came again this past Wednesday to Vision Night which was such a blessing.

Then the next day he messaged me on Facebook wanting to meet up and get to know eachother. To be honest that really wasn’t expected. But I was filled with excitement and today after a couple schedule complications we were finally able to meet and actually have a conversation for the first time.

We ended up talking for more than 2 hours. It’s crazy that two people get together for a cup of coffee and with the common topic of God we can talk for hours. It is a true blessing. What started off as a simple conversation between two strangers became a time of new fruits. We have decided to start reading the Bible together and meet an hour before Refresh on Wednesdays to share about our weekly readings. Who would have ever known something like this would be the outcome of a simple meeting over a cup of coffee?

Just in this past week I was able to gain two new brothers in Christ. It’s unbelievable in the ways in which God crosses the paths of His people. Because of the commonality that we have in Christ we don’t just become friends but automatically gain a brother or sister. What a beautiful thing it is to be in the Kingdom of God.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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