This coming Monday I will be starting classes again for the fall semester. This summer has been absolutely insane in a positive sense. Probably the busiest summer yet in my life for ministry. Overall filled with countless blessings.

Since I’m always out and about meeting people, going to church etc I am always in my car. But something that I realized today was that my car is an absolute mess. Through the busyness I haven’t had the chance to wash my car or vacuum it this whole summer. So before going to church tonight I stopped by the car wash to finally clean my car before the next season of school.

Instead of going to an automatic car wash I like to go to a place where I can do it myself. It’s much more work but I actually find it enjoyable and peaceful to wash my car. Today as I was pulling out my floor mats and looking at the exterior I realized how absolutely filthy my car was. So much dirt and trash inside and gunk built up all over the outside. I thought it was only going to take me 15 minutes but it ended up taking about 40. That’s when God spoke to me and turned a simple car wash into a learning lesson.

I went to go wash and clean my car today because it was at a point where I absolutely needed to. I waited and waited and watched the dirt pile up until it came to the moment I couldn’t take it anymore. In the same way that’s how many of us approach God. We only go to Him when it’s a crucial time. When it gets to the point we can’t handle our dirtiness, pain, burdens etc. We watch everything pile up in our lives and learn to be content with it and wait until it gets to the worst point before doing anything about.

But what we should do is come before God daily. Discipline ourselves to not add weight and burdens but rather go to God everytime we discover something to release it at His feet. Get washed clean by God every single day rather than wait until it gets unbearable. Because the reality is the longer we wait, the more stuff gets cluttered and the longer and harder it takes to remove it.

Just from washing my car today I learned so much. But the biggest lesson was to be aware of my dirtiness. To be aware and not be content with having rubbish laying around in my life. And to go to the only one who can wash me clean and give me new life. Not only when I need it but daily. The reality is I’m not going to wash my car every single day but the blessed truth is can be washed clean every day by God.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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