All I can say after tonight is God is good. I have been reminded once more that God our Father is truly alive. He is a relentless God who is never done with the works HE has started.

Our ministry of Refresh has started over 2 years ago. It has been a great journey so far, and as the leader I have had so many learning experiences to this point. But something our leadership team and I have realized is that Refresh has been feeling stagnant recently. Nothing bad but nothing really good either. We have hit a plateau.

So we got together in prayer and joy to prepare and plan some changes that we need to take in our next steps to keep this ministry of Refresh “refreshing”. So to take our new steps we decided to do our second annual Vision Night which was held tonight. The purpose of this event is to gather together with our members and align ourselves with God’s heart and take action in moving forward together. 

Tonight was absolutely unbelievable. God allowed doors to open for us to host the event at a local coffee shop/art gallery. He called over 20 brothers and sisters to gather, a number that we were not expecting. And then He showed up.

This night in itself defined what God’s heart is for this next season. To be unique, fun, joyful, filled with members from all walks of life and ultimately centered on the foundation of God.

He revealed to me that Refresh is something He has started and a ministry that He continues to love. The moment we felt like we hit a wall God reminded us that Refresh is a ministry that is still needed for many people. His hands continue to mold us and work in ways we would have never expected. I am filled with genuine excitement for this next season. I have also been humbled tonight once again that God has called someone so broken and lacking like myself to lead such a beautiful group of His children and my brothers and sisters.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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