This week is the last week for many of our youth graduates before they start and head off to college. This class holds a very special place in my heart. It consists of kids who I have known for countless number of years that I truly consider my little brothers and sisters.

I spent a most of my day with one of my sisters who is really special to me. Today was the last day to hangout with her before she leaves. She is someone who I have witnessed become the person of faith that she is now and had the privilege to grow along side with.

It blows my mind that she is already going off to college. The girl who was always the loud rambunctious little one is now growing up and taking her next step to become a young woman God has created her to be.

To be honest it’s hard to send this one off and sadness was in the back of my mind being with her today, but I am truly excited to see what more God will do in her life. Her passion for God is something that is truly unexplainable and it’s awesome to see her continue not only her education but her faith going to Wheaton College. Even though it’s hard to send her off it brings a smile to my face that she will be used by God to touch lives in the way that she touched mine.

I thank God for these relationships He has allowed me to have and for placing these younger siblings like her in my life. It’s never easy sending off ones who are so dear to my heart but I hold onto all the memories and blessings that I have received through the years as well as look forward to the works of God to come in her life. God has given me a younger sister I have always wanted and that is a true blessing.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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