After a long Sunday our team of pastors embarked on our first ever pastors retreat. The objective is to find rest, grow as a team and as brothers, and discuss our plans for this next season. To be honest I was a little scepticle and didn’t know what to expect because we have never done anything like this before, but God is good. 

For me today was a long day. Had two sermons and my second sermon didn’t really go as planned and I felt extremely distracted for a couple of reasons. So I wasn’t in the best mood after church and was not really excited for this time with the pastors. But the moment we set off God filled my heart with rest and joy. 

I truly realized today what a blessing it is to serve along side these fellow servants of God. It’s a relief to know that I have these people by my side who go through the same exact things as I do and to have them to lean on and grow with is such a blessing. The truth is, being a leader of the church is not always easy, so having this time of rest and rejuvenation together is such a blessing. I’m so thankful God has given us such an opportunity to find rest in Him together. 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 

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