Tonight was our August Praise and Prayer Night for Refresh and it was amazing. Personally it was a time that was much needed for me. A time designated to truly worship God and come before Him with the offering of my heart.

Every month a member or multiple members volunteer to be a part of the worship team for that month’s praise and prayer. What usually happens is our worship leader leads the time of praise and the volunteers do their part. But today was really unique.

We have a new member of Refresh who was actually here last summer for an internship but after graduating moved to Cincinnati not to long ago. After only being here for a couple weeks he volunteered for this month’s P & P. But what was different was that He actually led the worship and our leader played the drums.

For me being at my church all the time I rarely get the chance to be led in worship by someone I don’t know. So it was extremely refreshing as well as eye opening to be led tonight by someone I’ve never been led by.

Tonight God revealed to me the beauty and diversity of worship. By seeing him lead worship tonight I was able to witness someone giving God praise in his own unique and personal way.

There isn’t only one way to lead worship or worship God in general. Worship is something we do personally and an act in which our hearts take part of and express. It’s such a beautiful thing to see someone come before God and give their heart in their own unique way.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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