The way I encountered God today was extremely unusual and to be honest a little embarrassing. Definitely didn’t wake up today thinking this would be the way I met God but that in itself proves God encounters us in His own unique and even funny ways.

This past Sunday for youth group the youth pastor challenged a couple kids to rap the song “Never Change” by AMP Movement. But it was an epic fail lol. The lyrics and the flow was difficult for the kids to do. For some odd reason I was reminded of that today.

So after brunch I got this sudden urge to write some lyrics to the beat of that song for the kids to hopefully try out. I used to goof around a lot in high school with my buddies freestyling and writing raps for fun (even though they were absolutely terrible). So I thought to myself why not, let’s do it for the kicks and giggles and try again.

Back then I never wrote lyrics about God, rather everything rated R haha. But a lot has changed since then and I wanted to try writing things that were kind of a testimony of my faith. That’s when God showed up.

Even though I wasn’t able to completely write everything I couldn’t stop thinking about things I wanted to write all day. Literally all day I was in deep thought mumbling to myself about my faith and God. I literally couldn’t get Him and His works in my life on off my mind.

I was so thankful that even through this goofy way God kept encouraging me to think about Him. It was great to spend my whole day continuously thinking about Him in my life. It’s funny how God reveals Himself to us at times but what’s important is not how He shows up but rather just the fact that He shows up 🙂

I saw God today.

Did you?

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