When living as a Christian you end up meeting numerous brothers and sisters of Christ along your path of life. I myself have been blessed with forming relationships with countless number of people all around the world. God has blessed me with so many people I can call family.

But out of all these people there are some that really are dear to my heart. People who have been in my life throughout many many seasons. But even out of these few people there is one individual who is extremely special to me.

He is the first one to ever call me a mentor. Someone that I consider practically a blood brother to me. Someone who I have watched become the young man of God that he is today and had the privilege to grow along side with.

So much has changed in both of our lives since we first met. The biggest thing that has changed is our relationship with God. It’s unbelievable to see and witness the growth this brother has achieved and continues to pursue in his relationship with God as a son and a servant.

This summer was his first summer back home from college and being a part of my ministry. Today was his last Sunday before he goes back to college and he has blessed me beyond words.

He led worship for the service that I lead. This may not seem like a lot to some people but for me this was a huge deal. It’s crazy to see how much has changed. Now I have my own ministry and God has used my little brother to be a part of it by leading us in worship. This was something I would have never even dreamed of. But today God allowed a dream to come true.

It was such a blessing to be led in worship by him and also have him lead my ministry in worship. But what really touched me was when he ended the service with a prayer of blessing over Refresh. Today we switched positions and he blessed me beyond measure.

To have someone so dear to my heart, someone who I have seen grow step by step, take lead and bless me and what is so precious to my heart was a true blessing. God has revealed to me the fruits of discipleship and brotherhood.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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