Our God is a God who can exceed all expectations. When He shows up everything changes. He is a Father who loves to love us. He is always desiring our hearts and wanting to speak His secrets into our ears. Tonight we were able to encounter this God.

Words cannot explain tonight’s praise night. It was simply indescribable. God gathered 5 churches together under one roof to lavish His love upon us, fill us up and send us out. He brought us before His feet and gave us all the privilege to give Him our worship. Then He revealed His heart to us.

The spirit of the living God dwelled with us tonight. I believe every single heart was touched by our Father. For me personally I was overwhelmed by God in ways I’ve never experienced before. I was so humbled to be used as a vessel in my brokenness to share His words and lead a time of prayer. Through this privilege tonight God has revealed to me new visions and purpose for my life. Honestly tonight was a pinnacle moment for me as someone in ministry but ultimately as a son of God.

I am so thankful beyond words for what God has done but most importantly will continue to do. May our worship never cease and may we worship in all we do. God is good. ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD!

I saw God today.

Did you?

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