We tried something different tonight at Refresh. Instead of having our usual bible study we watched a movie. The movie was “The Father of Lights”.

This movie has been one that has been dear to my heart for a few years now. Its a documentary style film that follows a camera man all over the world witnessing God moving in supernatural ways. It reveals God in ways that we are not used to seeing God. Shows Him in action and doing His will through His people.

In the film you see many miracles, spiritual gifts in action and other things that we would categorize as super natural. Many of these things are things we are not used to seeing.

I believe that God moved in a very unexpected and unusual way through this movie tonight. I was able to witness two types of reactions. Amazement or confusion.

Some of our members were filled with doubts and questions. But I thank god for that. Many times we believe that Christians should never have feel confused, have doubts or questions. But I believe differently. Because through these things I believe we are able to be exposed to God and understand His greatness and know that He exceeds our understandings.

Seeing God move in ways that we are not used to reveals to us that the ways in which God moves cannot be defined or understood in a box. God doesn’t only do His works in the way we think we know. God’s power and the power of Holy Spirit are truly infinite and indescribable. This is what the fear of God is. To not know all that God can do. But that is why our God is such an amazing almighty father.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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