I currently just woke up from an unexpected 4 hour nap. It was such a long and busy day at churc, but a day filled with so many blessings. My sermon today was titled “Evidence” and the focus was that God is always wanting to reveal evidence of Himself to us and wants to remind us that He is with us like He promised to Moses when He called him to Egypt. Looking back at my day God did exactly that for me personally. He has revealed evidence that He is with me, Refresh, youth group and our church.

Throughout the day I had unexpected meetings and conversations with multiple people at church. Youth PTA meeting, talked with one of our leaders for Refresh, and 3 different elders.

Every single meeting and conversation revealed one common focus which was signs that God has something in store. God has been revealing Himself to all these people in the next steps to take and through them God revealed Himself to me that He has so much planned for the near future.

There is a lot about to happen in this next month of August. Much more than I expected but I am so excited. Just around the corner we have a Cincinnati Praise night on Friday we are hosting at our church, first youth group Lock-in with the new youth pastor, a handful of new members coming into Refresh, a lot of new steps and changes we are hoping to have for Refresh, new prayer gatherings starting this weekend and many more things to come.

All this is evidence that God is working within our church and our congregation. I am hopeful and excited to take on these next steps and witness God’s will unfold!

I saw God today.

Did you?

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