We had a prayer meeting today for our Cincinnati praise night that we are hosting at our church this coming Friday. The praise night is based on missions. Many churches from the area went on mission trips recently so we are going to come together to praise God for all He has done and also prepare our hearts for what is next.

I have been excited but honestly not as excited as I should be. So I went into today’s prayer meeting not thinking too much, but God totally ravished my heart and filled a burning passion deep down that I wasn’t expecting.

We spent about 20 minutes on our own in a free time of prayer. That’s when God started bombing me with so many prayer points. That is also when my heart started to be set aflame.

For me when I pray I usually just focus on praying and may sing a song or two to God while praying. Something I rarely do is read scripture during my prayer time but today God encouraged me to go through the Psalms.

As I was reading various Psalms the words on the page started to become the cry of my heart. Every verse was hitting a chord in me and God put me in a place where I was proclaiming these words as my prayers. It was such an amazing uplifting experience and something that was so refreshing that I can’t wait to do again. I am thankful that continues to reveal new ways for me to worship Him.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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