I had to go to the airport today to pick up our children’s pastor. The airport is about 45 minutes from my house but I had to go during rush hour so it took much longer than that. But I took advantage of the long drive to listen to some music and have some time of thought to myself and with God.

Then this song came on:

While I was listening God really struck a chord in my heart and gave me revelations as well as conviction.

The world we live in today has been filled with so much pain, destruction, negativity, hatred, struggles and much more. Even just so far this year, in the 7-8 months there has been so many problems with shootings, terror, racism and issues writhing countries.

We have faced so much trauma to a point where we have become desensitized with lives being lost and problems of this world. Ever since the Paris attack and the police brutalities I started to really ask myself what we are to do as Christians in these dark times. But I never really have come to a conclusion.

But while listening to this song God gave me the simple answer. To love eachother. Simply to just be love.

I feel like with all these things happening right now we are encouraged by society to take sides and have negativity and hatred towards one side or the other. But God calls us to love everyone despite the differences. As Christians we aren’t to just pick a side of situations and be against anyone, rather to love everyone even in the midst of differences.

God has encouraged me today to act out of love and spread love. Love is what this world needs right now and as Christians we know what true love is through Jesus. Therefore I believe God is calling all of us into action by being the vessels and messengers of this true love.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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