It has been one amazing day. Filled with joy, blessings, peace and positive vibes. It’s one of those days where not a single negative thing has happened and I thank god for that!

Started the day by waking up from a full night of sleep. Hung out with my parents and took it easy for the first portion. Then I went to the chiropractor for my first time for adjustments. It went great and I definitely felt better than I have been afterwards.

Then I headed over to Starbucks and did some sermon preperation. That is when joy and motivation kicked in. I had a great time just reading through Exodus 4 and finding God’s heart and message for this Sunday. I am so excited to share with the congregation what God has shared with me!

God continued pouring joy into my heart at Refresh tonight. We has a large group discussion. We talked about Exodus 3 where God revealed Himself to Moses and gave Him the duty to get the Israelites out of Egypt. We discussed how God has been revealing Himself to us in our personal lives and also what we believe God is wanting to do through us.

God gave me a couple revelations during that time. He revealed the power that lies behind discussions. How powerful it is to share and think out loud and also how important it is to listen. Discussion is much more than talking about what’s on my heart but also listening and remembering what is on the hearts of my fellow brothers and sisters.

But the joy didn’t end at Refresh. Some of us decided to go to the park to originally play Pokemon Go (lol). But once we got to the park we discovered something even more fun than that. Sledding down a turf hill on a piece of cardboard. Haha!

Yeah it definitely seems silly and it was, but God showed me something through that. It can be of the simplest activities but what’s more important than the actual thing we are doing is the people we are with. I had such a joyful time with my brothers and sisters having simple fun. There’s nothing like making fun of ourselves and sharing laughter. I am thankful for such a wonderful day 🙂

I saw God today.

Did you?

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