God’s timing and His ways of working are too perfect. Someone read my post last night about my back pain and messaged me and recommended a nearby chiropractor. I was so thankful for the recommendation. Then today I gave them a call to make an appointment and I was in a lot of pain today so I asked when would be the quickest they could see me and they told me to come in a couple hours! What a blessing.

The name of the practice is “Revelation Chiropractic”. By the name you can tell they are a Christian practice. The person who recommended them told me that it was run by a Christian couple. So that was definitely a bonus.

After waiting a couple hours til my appointment time I headed over. The whole experience was so amazing and truly a blessing. The moment I walked into the door I got greeted with great smiles and with worship music playing over the speakers. Then I was handed a phamplet that had their slogan on it which stated this:

Then during my consultation the doctor emphasized how even my physical body was created by God. He talked about how it’s God that is the ultimate healer and provider and not himself and that his job is to just make it easier for God to do His works in me.

Romans 1:16 is what popped into my head while at the practice. I expected to go today to find out what was wrong and get some work done. I didn’t expect to be blessed in such a way. It was amazing to see Christian individuals truly unashamed of being believers in Christ and doing everything in the name of God. They use this chiropractic office and their talents to serve God and even share about Him.

It was so humbling as well as a privilege to witness such individuals using a secular avenue to share their faith. It’s great to see that there are people like them in this world shining the light of Christ in unexpected ways. This just proved to me once more you can have any kind of job and lifestyle and still serve God to the fullest.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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