I’ve had back pains for as long as I remember and it’s something I have gotten used to. But starting this past week after mission trip it started to get worst but yesterday is when it got pretty bad. As soon as I got finished with my last sermon of the day and was heading to my car it became excruciating. Even though I have had back pain in the past this was something I’ve never experienced. It’s hard to even explain the pain.

My dad’s physical therapist said he would take a look at me tomorrow so I’ve just been in anticipation for that. So today I decided to take it easy and just stay home for most of the day and take care of my back. The pain was definitely settled all day but it’s starting to pick up again currently. But I was able to find God in this situation.

Due to this I was able to have a day of rest that I’ve been needing. I had nothing planned and nothing on my to-do-list. God allowed me to just be at home with my family and get the physical rest my body has been craving. Even though it was an unproductive day it was a time much needed and I thank God for that. He uses the most unorthodox ways to give us what we need at times 🙂

I saw God today.

Did you?

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