I’m not a big reader and I especially don’t like to read for pleasure, but there is one magazine that I subscribe to that I love to read. Relevant Magazine. I get their monthly magazines in the mail as well as follow them on Facebook.

As I was scrolling on my newsfeed this afternoon one of their articles caught my attention so I started to read and the content was most definitely relevant (no pun intended) to my life. This was the article.

The title was “The most ignored commandment”. So before clicking on it I tried to think of what it could be but I was totally off. What they were talking about was the commandment of keeping a sabbath. And that was really convicting because for me that is definetly a commandment that I ignore.

That article was especially relevant to me right now. The reason is because with school just around the corner and continuous ministry I have been starting to be anxious on how I will handle everything and keep myself sane.

That’s why I believe God showed me this today. It gave me tips and advice on how to effectively keep a sabbath and have a day for myself and God. This information has prepared me to do what I need to do to no longer ignore this commandment. God knew exactly what I needed to hear and He provided.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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