After mission trip a topic that we have been continuously talking about is the gospel. During the mission trip while we were street evangelizing the missionary asked me a question that really had me thinking. We were out sharing the gospel to others but he asked our team if we all really believed and understood the gospel and have accepted Jesus into our hearts.

Ever since he asked us that question it challenged me to bring that question back to our church. To ask our fellow brothers and sisters if they truly understood what the gospel meant and the value in it.

So for tonight’s youth group gathering our youth pastor had the kids do an amazing activity. He had everyone pair up and share the gospel with each other. To dig deeper into what the gospel is and have a better understanding.

I believe it was an extremely beneficial time for our kids and a time that was needed. Many times as Christians we talk about the gospel but it’s important to understand the gospel ourselves and be refreshed on the true meaning and value. It was a blessing to see our kids talk about the gospel together and accept it into their hearts once again.

The gospel is something that is the fundamental and foundational value of our Christian faith. But many times we tend to focus on so many other things but the gospel. We can’t forget that the simple gospel is everything behind being a Christian and our beliefs.

This song perfectly portrays the value of the gospel in our lives.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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