God has taught me a very important lesson in the way I interact with people in ministry but ultimately interact as brothers and sisters in Christ. Usually when I catch someone slipping or having a difficult time with God I have serious conversations with them, pray, talk about scripture and tell them what I believe they need to hear. These aren’t all neccasarily wrong to do but sometimes it’s not the only answer for some.

God taught me to just spend time with the person doing what they enjoy and enjoy doing it with them. Have fun and bring joy to the situation first and then touch the heavier things. The ultimate lesson learned was to be loving. To be loving I must have the joy and peace of the Lord.

I’m blessed that God continues to teach me lessons on how to do ministry and most importantly live as a fellow Christian brother. Things aren’t always supposed to be done the way I believe is right because God’s way is always better. In all circumstances I must strive to do as Jesus did. Today I was able to witness the fruit of that. Thank you God.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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