I have returned home today from my mission trip in Haiti. I was not able to post while in Haiti because I decided to treasure every moment and blessing and refrain from technology. So in this post I will be giving a quick report through bullet points in which God truly ravished my heart and how He allowed myself and 18 other brothers and sisters to join His works!


  • Departed for Haiti
  • Cincinnati -> Miami -> Fort Ladurdale
  • Stayed the night at Fort Lauderdale airport
  • Had fellowship and bonding with the team while filling our hearts with joy


  • After not being able to sleep at all we departed from Fort Lauderdale to Port-au-Prince, Haiti and arrived around 7am
  • Drove to our mission center in Cite Solei
  • After getting settled took a tour around Cite Solei and visited many slums and had our first interactions with the people of Haiti
  • Had my heart wrecked but filled with joy witnessing the city
  • Did our first ministry at an orphanage (which was my first time at an orphanage) and led a VBS program for the kids


  • Started the day with small group devotional focused on purpose
  • Had our first full day of ministry
  • Led VBS. Started with only about 20 kids and after prayer and diligence God provided over 50 kids to serve

  • We had our first time of street evangelism with four different teams that covered a large portion of the town
  • My team encountered about 8 salvations and 3 healings. God revealed His purpose to us of why we were there and used us to our fullness


  • Begin with small group devotional focused on unity and being the body of Christ
  • Led VBS for about 90 children. It was extremely difficult because of the hot weather, things not going our way and not having enough hands to help but God still used us and revealed Himself to us.
  • Had time of worship for just the VBS team to be filled with the heart of worship to overcome our hardships
  • Went to our second orphanage to lead VBS and spend time in prayer and worship with the children.
  • Shares testimonies about all the blessings we encountered as a whole team. Medical and VBS.


  • Went to villages in the mountain for street evangelism
  • Encountered 3 salvations, prayed for 1 healing and blessed many homes of believers
  • Traveled to a garbage village to spend time with the people who lived there and witness the conditions
  • Prayed over the church in the garbage village
  • Went to downtown Cite Soleil and got the chance to see the after effects that are still present from the earthquake

  • Had a worship service with the locals at the mission center church and encountered God moving in the hearts of the congregation members
  • Finished our last day with testimonies and prayers for Haiti and the missionary we worked with


  • Departed from Haiti -> Fort Lauderdale -> Charlotte
  • Encountered a big problem with our flight at Charlotte and hardships because of mistakes made by the airline. But through it God gave us opportunities to meet Him through the struggle and gave us opportunities to meet and pray with people at the airport.
  • Had to stay the night at Charlotte and wasn’t able to fly back to Cincinnati as planned


  • We had to split up in 3 different teams to fly back to Cincinnati in different flights
  • My team stayed until almost 6pm in the airport but through that time was able to reflect on the mission trip and have joyful fellowship

  • Through God’s good graces was finally able to make it back home!

This list was really brief and summarized and the pictures are only a few from my phone (there will be more to come).

But overall this mission trip was filled with blessings and the presence of God. Words can’t express how much God has truly done to us and through us in Haiti. I was able to encounter my Father and be used by Him in His perfect ways and I have been blessed. God is good!

I saw God today.

Did you?

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