Today was the last Sunday before we head off to Haiti tomorrow. Therefore there were a lot of last minute things I needed to do today on top of giving my sermon during the third service. I woke up with a bad stomach ache which caused me to leave later than planned to church. So from the get go I was already a little overwhelmed and anxious to start my day but the joy of the Lord was still in my heart.

Our youth pastor gave the sermon for first service today and his message was exactly what I needed to hear. The sermon was on Luke 10:38-42 “at the home of Martha and Mary”.

The verses explain how Martha and Mary who were sisters were awaiting Jesus and His disciples to come to their home. Martha was busy in preperation and getting things especially ready for Jesus while Mary just sat at His feet when He came. Then Martha started to complain about Mary not helping her during the preperation and questioned why she would be at the feet of Jesus when everything isn’t ready.

That’s when I asked myself. Am I Martha or am I Mary. And the conclusion was I tend to be Martha. I get too caught up in preparing and getting things to be perfect before I serve God and forget that He is already here. Sometimes I serve “serving” more than I serve Him.

I’m glad I heard this message in the morning because it gave me the correct heart to go through my Sunday as well as give me the right heart for the mission trip. I was reminded to never forget the purpose of serving. Also God spoke to me to never let the preparations distract me from Him. Sometimes He is there much sooner than we expect so we must always be aware.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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