I went out fishing again today on my own. I feel like fishing has definitely become my personal getaway. It’s a time where I’m alone within nature and with God. A time of no stress or anxiety and just peace.

But today was a little different. As I was fishing the clouds began to darken and all of a sudden rain started to pour. I mean absolutely pour down. In a hurry I grabbed all my stuff and ran to my car. I put everything in my trunk and the moment I shut it I realized I had left my keys in there.

That’s when I became a little bummed. I was standing outside in the middle of the rain, locked out of my car. I was 45 minutes away from home and my family is out of town and the doors are locked at my house so there is no way for anyone to get me my spare. So after finally finding some shelter I contacted my insurance company and they sent someone to open my car.

While I was waiting for them to come, the storm finally ceased. That’s when I realized I shouldn’t be negative or mad but rather to make the best out of the situation. So while I waited I just stood there looking into the lake and thought about God and started to talk to Him. It was so calm and peaceful after the storm and God gave me an opportunity to fully embrace it.

It’s funny how God makes unexpected opportunities for us to spend time with Him. Who would have thought that while being locked out of my car in the rain I would be in awe of Him. Just thinking about Him made my situation ten times better. That’s what God does, He brings us peace and joy in times that don’t provide that.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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