Today was the first 4th of July I have spent alone. My family went out of town but I couldn’t join because of mission preparations this week. But I took advantage and had some much needed quality “me time”.

Every summer our family goes to the beach and whenever we go my dad and I always go fishing. Last summer we couldn’t go on vacation because I had an internship and this year since my dad’s surgeries we couldn’t go again. There I haven’t been able to fish in awhile.

So today I decided to go to two lakes, one in the day and one at night to get my fishing fix. It was such a peaceful time to just be on my own with God in nature. But after many many many hours of fishing I was able to only catch one.

God really tested my patience. Through today I realized once again how impatient of a person I am. Standing there waiting for hours and getting nothing was not easy. But on my drive back home tonight I had a revelation.

The whole concept of fishing is waiting. Throw the bait in the water and wait desperately until you feel a nibble. That’s when I realized that’s how God probably feels about us. He waits for us desperately and eagerly to get us on His hook. He keeps trying over and over again until we finally bite the bait and get reeled into His arms.

Even though we may nibble and swim away God is persistent always in trying to catch us. Though we turn away He doesn’t give up. Why? Because our God is patient and is always wanting us to come to Him.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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