During our mission meeting today something happened that truly moved my heart in a way that I have been waiting for. The heart change that I have been seeking for has come. God really encountered me to prepare my heart for this mission trip.

One of our pastors handed out little Haitian flags to each member of the team. Then with the flag in our palms we started to pray for the nation of Haiti. Just in that simple gesture my perspective and heart was shaken. What felt like a distant thing became a true reality in an instance.

Just by holding this little flag I felt my heart in Haiti already. I literally visioned and saw myself standing in Haiti surrounded by my Haitian brothers and sisters. That’s when God brought me to a genuine place of prayer and intercession. I felt my heart really breaking for what breaks His.

I was able to encounter God’s heart for Haiti. I believe I got a glimpse of how desperate God is for this nation. A nation of spiritual darkness, a place of corruption, poverty and brokenness. But that’s when God gave me the correct eyes and right heart. I was able to see this nation through the eyes of the Father.

I saw this place and the people of Haiti not as ones who are lesser than myself. Not just as people who are in need of help. But rather as a place of my fellow brothers and sisters. People who are equally loved by God and whom I should love just like I love the ones right here in my community.

God has put it in my heart to have a change of perspective and mindset. To rethink my motives. I don’t want to go to Haiti with just the heart to help the needy. I want to go to to encounter God’s love together. 

Today God has given me the correct heart of prayer. He has revealed to me in how and what to pray for. I believe it was a pinnacle moment where my heart has slowly begun to align with His.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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