This past Wednesday at Refresh we all challenged ourselves and our personal relationships with God. Each person came up with a challenge and commitment to take on every day that would better their relationship with God. For me I knew exactly what I needed to do and also what I believe God really has been desiring from me.

I have challenged myself and set it as a goal to spend atleast 15-30 mins a day on personal devotion. This may not seem too difficult and some may think this is expected for someone in ministry but to be really vulnerable and honest I have failed to do so. I do spend time with God every day but what I’ve realized was that it hasn’t been for me and my personal relationship with God.

Looking back everytime I spend time with God it’s for things other than my relationship with Him. It’s either asking Him for wisdom for ministry, praying for others, reading for knowledge for my sermons and things like that. But what I’ve come to realize this past retreat was how important it is to fan my own fire for God before I try to do so for others.

So I have decided to set time aside for God and me every day. A time for personal growth and initimacy with the Lord. It’s only been three days since I have been active in this and it has been amazing. I’ve found new avenues I haven’t used in the past. For example watching sermons online, reading Christian magazines and listening to worship intentionally. I listen to worship every day but it’s always while I’m doing something and I’ve found myself just listening to the music rather than really meditating and worshipping fully.

So these past couple days I’ve been finding new worship music. And today I laid down on my living room floor while looking out the window at the sky and listened to worship, mediated, had personal prayer and gave God my undivided attention. The song below is one I found that really spoke to my heart.

God has shown me the importance once again to find Him in my secret place. To make a place in my heart that is fully for Him and I. No distractions and just intentional intamcy.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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