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We had a prayer meeting today for our Cincinnati praise night that we are hosting at our church this coming Friday. The praise night is based on missions. Many churches from the area went on mission trips recently so we are going to come together to praise God for all He has done and also prepare our hearts for what is next.

I have been excited but honestly not as excited as I should be. So I went into today’s prayer meeting not thinking too much, but God totally ravished my heart and filled a burning passion deep down that I wasn’t expecting.

We spent about 20 minutes on our own in a free time of prayer. That’s when God started bombing me with so many prayer points. That is also when my heart started to be set aflame.

For me when I pray I usually just focus on praying and may sing a song or two to God while praying. Something I rarely do is read scripture during my prayer time but today God encouraged me to go through the Psalms.

As I was reading various Psalms the words on the page started to become the cry of my heart. Every verse was hitting a chord in me and God put me in a place where I was proclaiming these words as my prayers. It was such an amazing uplifting experience and something that was so refreshing that I can’t wait to do again. I am thankful that continues to reveal new ways for me to worship Him.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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I had to go to the airport today to pick up our children’s pastor. The airport is about 45 minutes from my house but I had to go during rush hour so it took much longer than that. But I took advantage of the long drive to listen to some music and have some time of thought to myself and with God.

Then this song came on:

While I was listening God really struck a chord in my heart and gave me revelations as well as conviction.

The world we live in today has been filled with so much pain, destruction, negativity, hatred, struggles and much more. Even just so far this year, in the 7-8 months there has been so many problems with shootings, terror, racism and issues writhing countries.

We have faced so much trauma to a point where we have become desensitized with lives being lost and problems of this world. Ever since the Paris attack and the police brutalities I started to really ask myself what we are to do as Christians in these dark times. But I never really have come to a conclusion.

But while listening to this song God gave me the simple answer. To love eachother. Simply to just be love.

I feel like with all these things happening right now we are encouraged by society to take sides and have negativity and hatred towards one side or the other. But God calls us to love everyone despite the differences. As Christians we aren’t to just pick a side of situations and be against anyone, rather to love everyone even in the midst of differences.

God has encouraged me today to act out of love and spread love. Love is what this world needs right now and as Christians we know what true love is through Jesus. Therefore I believe God is calling all of us into action by being the vessels and messengers of this true love.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Today was my third time at the chiropractors office this week. But my appointment today was the most important one. The doctor went over all of my examinations and X-rays and explained what plan we would have to go towards for me to get better.

The results of everything was as I expected to be. Pretty bad, but it was encouraging to hear that they could heal me. I was a little shocked though to hear that I would have to see them on a consistent basis for 12 months but I am willing to do whatever it takes.

But something happens that shocked me even more. It was time to go over my payment plan for all the adjustments and examinations. He handed me over the paper and for the line of the payments due there was a zero.

Then he looked at me and said that they have a policy for pastors where they charge nothing. Absolutely nothing. No money for the adjustments, examinations, appointments and X-rays. Then before I could say anything he looked into my eyes and told me thank you. He said “Thank you for taking care of the spiritual needs of others and serving God’s kingdom. As a sign of appreciation for your services we want to give you the physical healing that you need.” 

When he said those words tears started to well up in my eyes and I became speechless. I just thought to myself; who am I to deserve such a blessing. I should be the one saying thank you but he thanked me first. This doctor deserves to be paid for all the services that he has done for me and will do for a whole year but instead he wanted to bless me and all the other pastors and servants of the Church.

I couldn’t believe it. It’s so amazing to witness people like this in the world today. Individuals who want to serve God’s kingdom selflessly. Through him I encountered God’s grace today. Even though I am undeserving God poured His blessings unto me and I am so thankful. What blessed me was not even the lifting of the financial burden but the heart and conviction and vision that this man had and his servant heart. I aspire to be as selfless as he is and be that true vessel for God to move through me to bless others.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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It has been one amazing day. Filled with joy, blessings, peace and positive vibes. It’s one of those days where not a single negative thing has happened and I thank god for that!

Started the day by waking up from a full night of sleep. Hung out with my parents and took it easy for the first portion. Then I went to the chiropractor for my first time for adjustments. It went great and I definitely felt better than I have been afterwards.

Then I headed over to Starbucks and did some sermon preperation. That is when joy and motivation kicked in. I had a great time just reading through Exodus 4 and finding God’s heart and message for this Sunday. I am so excited to share with the congregation what God has shared with me!

God continued pouring joy into my heart at Refresh tonight. We has a large group discussion. We talked about Exodus 3 where God revealed Himself to Moses and gave Him the duty to get the Israelites out of Egypt. We discussed how God has been revealing Himself to us in our personal lives and also what we believe God is wanting to do through us.

God gave me a couple revelations during that time. He revealed the power that lies behind discussions. How powerful it is to share and think out loud and also how important it is to listen. Discussion is much more than talking about what’s on my heart but also listening and remembering what is on the hearts of my fellow brothers and sisters.

But the joy didn’t end at Refresh. Some of us decided to go to the park to originally play Pokemon Go (lol). But once we got to the park we discovered something even more fun than that. Sledding down a turf hill on a piece of cardboard. Haha!

Yeah it definitely seems silly and it was, but God showed me something through that. It can be of the simplest activities but what’s more important than the actual thing we are doing is the people we are with. I had such a joyful time with my brothers and sisters having simple fun. There’s nothing like making fun of ourselves and sharing laughter. I am thankful for such a wonderful day 🙂

I saw God today.

Did you?

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God’s timing and His ways of working are too perfect. Someone read my post last night about my back pain and messaged me and recommended a nearby chiropractor. I was so thankful for the recommendation. Then today I gave them a call to make an appointment and I was in a lot of pain today so I asked when would be the quickest they could see me and they told me to come in a couple hours! What a blessing.

The name of the practice is “Revelation Chiropractic”. By the name you can tell they are a Christian practice. The person who recommended them told me that it was run by a Christian couple. So that was definitely a bonus.

After waiting a couple hours til my appointment time I headed over. The whole experience was so amazing and truly a blessing. The moment I walked into the door I got greeted with great smiles and with worship music playing over the speakers. Then I was handed a phamplet that had their slogan on it which stated this:

Then during my consultation the doctor emphasized how even my physical body was created by God. He talked about how it’s God that is the ultimate healer and provider and not himself and that his job is to just make it easier for God to do His works in me.

Romans 1:16 is what popped into my head while at the practice. I expected to go today to find out what was wrong and get some work done. I didn’t expect to be blessed in such a way. It was amazing to see Christian individuals truly unashamed of being believers in Christ and doing everything in the name of God. They use this chiropractic office and their talents to serve God and even share about Him.

It was so humbling as well as a privilege to witness such individuals using a secular avenue to share their faith. It’s great to see that there are people like them in this world shining the light of Christ in unexpected ways. This just proved to me once more you can have any kind of job and lifestyle and still serve God to the fullest.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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I’ve had back pains for as long as I remember and it’s something I have gotten used to. But starting this past week after mission trip it started to get worst but yesterday is when it got pretty bad. As soon as I got finished with my last sermon of the day and was heading to my car it became excruciating. Even though I have had back pain in the past this was something I’ve never experienced. It’s hard to even explain the pain.

My dad’s physical therapist said he would take a look at me tomorrow so I’ve just been in anticipation for that. So today I decided to take it easy and just stay home for most of the day and take care of my back. The pain was definitely settled all day but it’s starting to pick up again currently. But I was able to find God in this situation.

Due to this I was able to have a day of rest that I’ve been needing. I had nothing planned and nothing on my to-do-list. God allowed me to just be at home with my family and get the physical rest my body has been craving. Even though it was an unproductive day it was a time much needed and I thank God for that. He uses the most unorthodox ways to give us what we need at times 🙂

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Today marks exactly a week since we have been back from missions in Haiti. So for church today we did mission report in every service. We showed our video and then had multiple team members share their testimony of the mission trip in each service.

It was great doing missions with everyone but the reality is we are all individuals that all got blessed in our own personal ways. So even though I was able to be there first hand with everyone I really wanted to hear their testimonies.

For some of our members giving their testimony during the services was really out of their comfort zone. But through that God really moved. Each testimony was filled with evidences of God and they really blessed me as well as the rest of the congregation.

It was such a blessing to hear in everyone’s own unique way in how they encountered God. God revealed to me once more the true power that lays behind testimonies. A testimony is much more than just your story but a depiction of God in action in your life.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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I’m not a big reader and I especially don’t like to read for pleasure, but there is one magazine that I subscribe to that I love to read. Relevant Magazine. I get their monthly magazines in the mail as well as follow them on Facebook.

As I was scrolling on my newsfeed this afternoon one of their articles caught my attention so I started to read and the content was most definitely relevant (no pun intended) to my life. This was the article.

The title was “The most ignored commandment”. So before clicking on it I tried to think of what it could be but I was totally off. What they were talking about was the commandment of keeping a sabbath. And that was really convicting because for me that is definetly a commandment that I ignore.

That article was especially relevant to me right now. The reason is because with school just around the corner and continuous ministry I have been starting to be anxious on how I will handle everything and keep myself sane.

That’s why I believe God showed me this today. It gave me tips and advice on how to effectively keep a sabbath and have a day for myself and God. This information has prepared me to do what I need to do to no longer ignore this commandment. God knew exactly what I needed to hear and He provided.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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After mission trip a topic that we have been continuously talking about is the gospel. During the mission trip while we were street evangelizing the missionary asked me a question that really had me thinking. We were out sharing the gospel to others but he asked our team if we all really believed and understood the gospel and have accepted Jesus into our hearts.

Ever since he asked us that question it challenged me to bring that question back to our church. To ask our fellow brothers and sisters if they truly understood what the gospel meant and the value in it.

So for tonight’s youth group gathering our youth pastor had the kids do an amazing activity. He had everyone pair up and share the gospel with each other. To dig deeper into what the gospel is and have a better understanding.

I believe it was an extremely beneficial time for our kids and a time that was needed. Many times as Christians we talk about the gospel but it’s important to understand the gospel ourselves and be refreshed on the true meaning and value. It was a blessing to see our kids talk about the gospel together and accept it into their hearts once again.

The gospel is something that is the fundamental and foundational value of our Christian faith. But many times we tend to focus on so many other things but the gospel. We can’t forget that the simple gospel is everything behind being a Christian and our beliefs.

This song perfectly portrays the value of the gospel in our lives.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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One of our youth members opened up his home for us today to come and hangout all evening. His parents prepared delicious food and we had a great time of joyful fellowship. Ever since we got back from our mission trip Sunday we have all met together every day since. It’s been a blessing to continue the fellowship and grow closer and closer together as a family even after Haiti.

We ended our night gathered around a bonfire. What better way to have a bonfire than to have smores and worship. Then our brother who was playing guitar had an idea to play a game. He would play the same set of chords over and over and we would go around and sing as many praise songs as we could that matched the chords. That’s when God touched my heart.

I was blown away to witness and sing a countless number of praises to God. That’s when God revealed to me that we have so much to praise God for. Every song varied in lyrics but every word we would sing would be a heart note and confession given to God.

Tonight God has revealed to me that there is always something to give Him praise for. Praise is something we can do at all times in all circumstances.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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