Today has marked the end of our Refresh summer retreat. These last couple days have been none like any other. It was evident that God’s plans for us were much different than our expectations and what we desired. But that is why it was such a beautiful time because God moved completely through His ways and not ours.

This retreat was very different than any other retreat I have been to. A lot of times retreats are a time for corporate worship. But this retreat was very personal. God led each individual to personal intimacy and personal growth but used eachother to encourage one another to achieve that.

It was much more than just a time for our emotions. God moved in the deepest places of everyone’s hearts. That is exactly what we needed. I believe that the roots of our personal relationships with God have been touched. But it wasn’t easy.

There were so many distractions before us. The biggest distraction was not having air conditioning in 90 degree weather. God challenged our flesh. Physically and mentally it was difficult at first to focus on worship and intimacy with God because we were all tired, exhausted, physically worn out and weak. But He used us to encourage eachother to overcome these barriers to enter into a new place with Him.

I realized through this retreat that I would want no other community than my community of Refresh. We are much more than a Christian fellowship, rather a true family and bond of brothers and sisters. God used this time not only to grow intimitely in our personal relationships but grow as a true family through the hardships.

I love this family with all my heart. I am much more than just a leader of this group but just another brother in this family. I am blessed beyond measure to have such wonderful brothers and sisters to grow with and draw closer to God with together.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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