Tonight was our Refresh praise and prayer night. We used this opportunity tonight to prepare our hearts for our retreat this weekend.

The moment we began the evening God spoke to me. He told me to simply worship Him tonight. Nothing more, nothing less, just worship. That is exactly what He led all of us to do tonight. Worship the Lord.

That’s when I realized what God wanted this upcoming retreat to be about, which was totally different that my intentions. He doesn’t want it to be a time where we serve our internal wants and needs. Not a time just to look for blessings and good feelings. But rather I believe He wants it to be a time where we just worship Him. Where we serve Him and give unto Him instead of giving into ourselves.

The reality is we all live busy lives and lives filled with distractions. It’s hard to truly and fully worship God during our day to days. That is what I believe God has made this retreat for. A time where we can fully give him our hearts. To reconcile with Him. To speak to Him. But ultimately to love Him.

As the leader for this retreat I really needed this wisdom. Because I was planning to make it a time for us. A time for internal desires and wants to be satisfied. A time of blessings. But God has given me truth about what this weekend is really supposed to be about. Not for ourselves but for Him. To literally “retreat” from our worldly lives into a place with no distractions where we can give our undivided attention to God and God only.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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