After a long day I wanted to just go into my room and chill but there is much to do since we leave for our retreat tomorrow. My sister got all the groceries and food related items and they will all be going with me tomorrow. So I decided to start loading up the car tonight since the weather is a little cooler instead of doing it in the day time.

For me, my personality is when I have a task in hand I just want to get it done as quickly and effiecently as possible. So while I was loading up the car I ran back and forth from the house to the garage (my garage is not attached to my house) probably over ten times. All I could think about was loading up the car.

But on one of my trips walking back to the house I took a quick glance into my backyard and I found myself in a standstill. What caught my eyes was the big old tree. But what caught my attention was all the fireflies lighting up over and over again all over the tree. It was absolutely beautiful. No sound, just the breeze in the dark night, and these beautiful fireflies glowing up this tree.

I have probably passed that tree and these fireflies countless number of times but never took time to look. That’s when God gave me a revelation and spoke. He reminded me to take a look around and not be too focused on just my goal and what task is in hand. To be aware of what is happening around me.

I believe that is exactly what I needed to hear before this retreat. To remember not to be a control freak and only care about what has to be done but take a look around of what is happening in those moments. To look for God moving around me. To take a step back and be in awe of His presence.

I am so thankful God gave me this message tonight. He is already preparing my heart for what is to come this weekend. Giving me comfort and peace and reminding me what this retreat is all about. It’s not just about getting these done but to witness the process and what He is doing in every moment.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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