Our Refresh retreat is only 3 days away and I can’t believe it! To get our hearts prepared for this retreat we will be having a praise and prayer night tomorrow. It will be led by our worship leader and two volunteers.

We all gathered together this evening to practice. Literally from the moment we all met up I was shocked in the excitement that each member had. Every single person was filled with such passion and hunger to worship our God.

To be honest I didn’t expect that. Usually practice is just practice but tonight was different. It was a start of what is to come this weekend. I witnessed the fire starting to burn in these three hearts. And that’s exactly what our retreat is about, to fan into flame a passion for HIS name.

To see that happening in these three individuals who will be leading us in preparing our hearts tomorrow was such a blessing. It’s evidence that God has already started to do His will. It started with three, then it came to me and I believe this excitement and passion will be contagious to all who come tomorrow.

God is using each person as an ember and when we all gather together we will ignite into one big fire burning for our God! I’m so excited to see this happen. To encounter our Father do His works in us!

I saw God today.

Did you?

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