These past few weeks have been nonstop for me. There hasn’t been a day where I wasn’t busy to some extent. Everything with my dad and VBS and other church responsibilities. All has been well and I’m glad I have been busy and active. But even though in my heart and mind I can keep going my physical body has been wearing out. I have become exhausted.

Though are spiritual health is extremely important our physical health is as well. Because the reality is if we aren’t physically able that prohibits us from doing things spiritually at times. Especially yesterday I could feel that happening. Being at church for almost 10 hours and giving two sermons after not having enough sleep throughout the past week I could feel the fatigue. My head was hurting really bad and I felt weak.

But God the Father knows exactly what I need. So today He has blessed me with a day of rest. A day with no responsibilities and nothing on my to-do list. A day for absolutely nothing. And that is exactly what I did. Nothing 🙂

He has given me this day to catch up on sleep and rest that I have been in need of. We have our Refresh retreat this weekend and I believe God has allowed me this time today so I can physically be rested and well for this big weekend. I am thankful that God is a Father that doesn’t only care about Himself but about me as well. He cares about our heart but our body too. I am so thankful for days like today 🙂

I saw God today.

Did you?

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