Our VBS theme for today was “Jesus is love”. All our previous day’s this week was filled with fun activities and was very energized but today we emphasized more of a serious mood. We taught the kids about the Cross and the meaning of what Jesus has done for us.

In our closing ceremony the children’s pastor gave a little sermon explain the depth of what the cross and Jesus’ death meant. Then we all entered into a prayer time with all the kids to remember the cross and give thanks to God. The staff went around and prayed for all the children. That’s when I witnessed God move in such unexpected ways.

I was standing in the back and observing for a moment and I kept on looking at the preschool crew. Their crew leader went up to one of the girls who is probably around 3 years old. She stared to pray for her and while they were praying the girl started to cry. That’s when the crew leader asked her why she was crying and she said it was because it made her sad to think about all that Jesus had to go through.

When I saw the tears on the face of this little girl and heard her genuine words my heart was truly moved. Yes she is young and just a child but I believe in that moment God touched her heart.

God doesn’t have an age requirement. He loves and encounters all His children young and old. He isn’t only real to adults but He is alive and active for all. He calls all of us into His love equally and to witness that first hand was so humbling and truly a blessing. God doesn’t care who you are all He cares about is that you are His.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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