It’s crazy when you decide to just go with the flow and then God totally takes control. That’s what happened for Refresh tonight. We decided last minute on Sunday to have Refresh at one of our members house. Since I have been so busy with VBS and mission planning I decided to have tonight be just a casual night and see what God wanted to do. He most definitely showed up and revealed to us the unexpected.

We began by having a time of worship. Usually we focus on bible study so we only sing 4 songs but last minute we decided to do 6 songs and have a simple time of worship. To just focus on nothing else but giving unto God and being in His presence. It was amazing to come together with our brothers and sisters in one voice with a true heart of worship.

Afterwards we had a time of discussion and conversation based on one question; how are you and your relationship with God. This is such a simple question but I have realized we haven’t asked this enough and that we never really went deep into sharing. We always tend to give surface level answers so today I was in hope of everyone being vulnerable and open to one another. That is exactly what happened.

Every single person shared for about 15 minutes. Everyone was able to really explain in detail and depth how their faith is currently. Then in turned into a time of everyone chiming in and encouraging one another with positive words and advice.

It was truly a blessing. We have never had a time as deep as this. So it was so nice seeing everyone come together and pour out their hearts. I truly believe that we were all able to better understand eachother and through that come closer together. By coming closer as a community I believe God is paving the way for us to become even closer with Him.

I see so much hope and I am filled with excitement for the next steps to come for Refresh. Tonight was just a preview of what is to happen during our retreat next weekend. God reminded us what it means to be a family and to draw closer to Him not only on our own but together.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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