Today was the first day of our VBS. Many people look at VBS as a time for kids but I believe that it can be a time of equal or more blessing for the volunteers. I feel like every year that I volunteer I become filled with blessings and encounters with God. Today was the just the beginning.

Our theme for today was “Jesus gives us hope”. We focused on how Jesus was the hope of the world and the light that shines through darkness. The crazy thing is God showed us this firsthand to the staff before we even began.

So the program is supposed to start at 9. It was about 9:15 and only one kid came when we were expecting about 30. At first we were all discouraged and confused. We didn’t know if we were just going to start and follow the schedule or wait.

That is when God reminded me of today’s theme. Hope. To have hope in Him. To believe that God keeps His promises. To wait upon Him to do His works. To expect the unexpected.

So we decided to just have hope in God and wait. I was working at the registration desk and God encouraged me to enter into a time of prayer. To let things down and completely trust in His plan. Then something like a miracle happened.

Literally at one time over 20 kids came in. All at the exact time. There was a line to the door of kids waiting to come into church. It’s crazy how the moment we put our hope and trust in God and come before Him in surrender He answers.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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