Can’t believe it’s already Saturday. I have no idea how this week has passed by. So much has happened and now I’m feeling it. My body is exhausted and overwhelmed. But I still have the joy of the Lord in my heart 🙂

We had our Haiti mission meeting today. In the past weeks we have been focusing on logistical things but today it was a time of worship and prayer. We didn’t focus on the mission trip rather we emphasized on our personal relationships with God. It was a great opportunity for us to share about our current relationships with God and how our faith is.

Then we had a time to pray for the team. That’s when our youth pastor randomly asked my sister and I to come in the middle of the circle to receive prayer. Since we have been going through a lot this past week with my dad and everything going on he wanted us to be prayer over and encouraged by our fellow team members.

I sat there with my hands open just receiving all these prayers from so many brothers and sisters. It was such a blessing. That’s when I was reminded of the power in corporate prayer. I’ve been praying on my own but actually receiving prayer is so amazing. To know that it’s not just my prayers going up to God but all these other’s as well.

In ministry I spend so much time praying for others but it’s rare to be on the other end. So it was extremely refreshing to just receive. I was humbled today and filled with a thankful heart. I have been reminded I’m not doing this walk alone.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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