In Ohio we go through 4 season changes in a year. Some other places in America or in the world go through even less. But I know for my life and faith, in one year I go through countless number of seasons.

If you are from Cincinnati you have probably experienced the odd times in between seasons. Especially winter to spring. Where one day it’s snow storms with negative degrees and the next day all the snow is melted with a nice sunny 60 degree day. With a cycle of that for a month or so finally spring comes.

That’s what I am feeling recently. I know seasons are changing in my life. A transition of one to another is in process but it’s not fully happening. It just feels a little awkward. Where everyday consists of something different. One day I will be in my current state and the next I get hit with what’s to come but it’s a current cycle.

One day it’s storming the next day it’s sunny but I don’t have clarity of what it’s really supposed to be. But oddly enough I am okay through it all. Why? Because I know that no matter what season I am in or what is ahead God remains the same. And in that truth I can rejoice and make the best of what is today.

I randomly discovered a song that clearly depicts my current state and beliefs.

As I was driving today I couldn’t stop listening to this song over and over again until I had the lyrics stuck on my tongue. Then I found myself confessing these words from my heart. “Though the seasons change, your love remains.”

I saw God today.

Did you?

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