Quick update on my dad. He got discharged from university hospital and is now at rehabilitation at Cedar Village.

This in itself is a true blessing and answered prayers. Cedar Village is where he was for rehab after his first surgery and that is where he goes for outpatient therapy as well. So our plans were to go back after this surgery but yesterday the hospital was saying it might not be an option because of insurance things. But we were really hoping and praying that everything would work out. The reason it’s so important to be there is because the therapist that has been working with my dad for six months now is there. Since my dad has polio he is very different from other patients and some therapists have a hard time with that but this guy is very good with helping my dad.

But then our insurance agent told us this afternoon that it might be pretty difficult to get back in there due to many different things. That’s when I just put my trust in God and His plan. And He answered. Just 30 mins after we talked to the insurance agent the social worker from the hospital told us everything was clear and he will be admitted at Cedar Village. Praise God!

So after we got my dad settled in I went home to take a shower since I stayed at the hospital last night. Then I headed back to my dad and on my way stopped by Starbucks to grab him coffee.

After I ordered I stood at the end of the counter waiting for his coffee to come out when a man walked in to order. The worker greeted him and asked him how he was doing. With a huge smile on his face he answered “FANNNTASTIC!”

By his answer and the way he carries himself everyone working couldn’t help but grin. Seeing the effect he had on them I couldn’t help but think he carried the joy of the Lord. Even myself, just standing there waiting for coffee, I couldn’t help but smile and feel his vibrant energy.

That’s when I thought to myself. Even though I may be in a little rough season currently I should always carry the joy of Lord in my heart. I want to be able to have a smile and through that put smiles on other people’s faces despite what I’m going through. God calls us to have joy and rejoice in all circumstances. This random man in Starbucks reminded me of that.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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