After a long day at the hospital yesterday and another long one today I was pretty drained. But today is Wednesday which means Refresh. To be honest I was really considering not going and just sending bible study questions to our leaders so they could lead so I wouldn’t have to go. But that thought was self-centered and not glorifying to god what so ever. So God encouraged me to get motivated and go.

These kind of thoughts happen often recently whenever I am going through something. In the past couple of years I have slowly been becoming more of an introvert. Because of that, whenever things happen I tend to want to cope on my own rather than be with a lot of people. Including prayer, worship and bible study. But what I have realized is that I tend to do this because I think I can get through things on my own with my own strength, which is entirely wrong.

That is what friends are for. To help you when times are hard and to encourage you towards the right direction. That is what I encountered tonight at Refresh. Being able to worship with a group of brothers and sisters is so much different than worshipping by myself in the car. Personal times of prayer are great and essential but being able to hear others prayers and be prayed over is truly refreshing and needed too. Studying the bible on your own is great but it’s even greater when you can hear other’s different inputs and perspectives.

I believe that is why God calls us into community. To have others to be there for you but ultimately to be there with you in the presence of God. To fuel each other for growth in faith. To be the strength when it is hard to be strong. To be brothers and sisters who pour out love unto each other and through that love God. I am so blessed and thankful for this family of Refresh and I thank God for revealing to me once more the importance and value of them in my life 🙂

I saw God today.

Did you?

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