Today was the day for my dad’s surgery. It has been a long long day to say the least. Through the tiredness and overwhelming moments God revealed Himself to me in full.

I didn’t sleep at all last night since we had to leave the house a little before 5am to get to the hospital. I drove separately following my family and on my drive God encouraged me to have a personal time of worship. My whole way down there I was in prayer and praise just giving everything to God. That is when He gave me a sense of peace and comfort that transcended all other things.

We finally got him checked in and started all the pre-op stuff when our women’s group from our church came right after early morning prayer. It was around 6 am when they came. They just wanted to bless my dad with a prayer before he went into surgery. It was such a blessing to know that there really are people supporting us through love and prayer.

Then I prayed for my dad with my family after our church members left. Then he went off into surgery. The operation took over 4 hours, much longer than expected. But through the waiting time I didn’t have any anxiety or stress but just a sense of peace and joy in my heart. It was so odd. I knew I was “supposed” to be sad or nervous but I wasn’t at all. The reason is because I knew from the bottom of my heart God was in control.

There is no reason to be sad or fear. I know without a doubt God is doing His works in His one ways and I trust in that much more than I trust in myself. He will make things good once again. And probably even better than before. So if anything I should be excited and look forward optimistically to what is to come.

All throughout the day while we were waiting for the procedure to be over my phone was blowing up. Message after message from brothers and sisters all over giving me, my dad and my family their blessings and encouragements. I know that there were countless number of people in prayer for him and us today. And without hesitation I can say that those prayers were answered and are continuing to be answered. Prayer was the true fuel for everything today.

Overall the operation went really. The doctor explained to us how everything went and it gave us confidence and hope as well as peace. Post surgery recovery went much smoother than the first surgery and my dad’s state of mind is great.

All I can say is thank you to all who lifted our family in prayer and ultimately thank you to God who is moving as we speak. I come before Him with no expectations because I know that He will perform in ways that are much greater than what we could even fathom. It’s a blessing to have joy in a time like this but the only way it’s possible is knowing the kind of Father our God is to His children.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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