The thing about being in ministry is that Sunday is a day of worship but also a day for “work”. It would be awesome if I could say that every single Sunday I am ecstatic about going to church. But the sad reality is that at times going to church on Sunday just feels like work at times. This is something that I have had to wrestle with a lot recently but today God has spoke to me in the ways that I have needed.

For the first time in a long time I was truly excited last night for today. I was really motivated and passionate in my final sermon preparations and was really looking forward to today and God revealed to me why.

All day while I was at church it was just a time of joy. I didn’t feel burdened but rather was filled with excitement for every moment. I believe it was due to my mindset. Knowing that today is the Lord’s day. Not a day for myself but an opportunity to serve Him and be in His presence.

It all really unfolded during the third service which is my service to preach and lead every Sunday. While I was sitting in the room when the praise team was practicing is when God started giving me the hungry heart. The heart to give Him my everything and be in His midst.

Usually before service starts I get stressed or burdened about how everything is going to be. Doing last minute adjustments, checking to see who is all here, overlooking my sermon notes and etc. but for some reason today I just had true peace in my heart knowing that God was going to move.

I was able to give all my worries into God and put the service in His hands and not my own. That’s when God reminded me. Sunday should not be just a work day, instead it should be a time even for myself to worship and be in the presence of my Father. He encouraged me to let everything down and trust in His works.

My hope is to have this heart every Sunday. To be able to walk into church without any worries but is instead with a smile. To have a longing to witness what works of God will unfold. I am so humbled and thankful for this heart God has given me 🙂

I saw God today.

Did you?

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