It has been one super long day. I did not think I would be at church for almost 8 hours today but somehow it happened. But I am thankful 🙂

Our church’s VBS is coming up in a week. We had our weekly VBS meeting today to go over some logistics and our stations. I will be leading the bible quest station. I thought it was going to be an easy day where I just go to the meeting for an hour help out a little and get home for dinner. But God definitely changed my plans.

After I got done working on preparation for my station I came out to the halls and saw many of our church members and children working so diligently decorating the church. Everyone was sweating and getting exhausted but still everyone had a smile on their face. Working not out of burden but joy and desire.

Non-stop for almost five hours everyone was giving their everything. It was so humbling to see their hearts and have the opportunity to work along side them. That’s when I was reminded what it means to be a true servant for God’s kingdom. It’s not just the people like me who preach at the pulpit who are instruments but truly the people in the background.

When people walk in tomorrow they will see the decorations but the reality is they won’t know who did it. They won’t understand fully all the sweat, time and hard work that went in. But God does.

These people served not for the people but for God and His kingdom. That is the heart I desire to have when I serve.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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