Last night I randomly got a text from a brother of mine who I haven’t hung out with for about 4 years now. He was texting me to ask about my church and stuff like that. Then somehow we texted a little more and ended up making plans to hangout today. Super unexpected.

I met this brother at a summer church camp going into my senior year of highschool in 2011. After that we became super close. He is from Cleveland which is about 4 hours from Cincinnati but for college he came only about 45 minutes away from me. So in the beginning of college for a couple years we hung out a lot.

Then after I received my calling into ministry and going to Hawaii we kind of lost contact. Had a lot to do with my lifestyle change and busy schedule. Somehow it ended up being about 4 years going by without hanging out.

It was definitely different seeing him now. A lot has changed for the both of us since the last time we were together. But even though there has been many changes the bond that we made through Christ has not. After 4 years of not talking disconnect is inevitable. But the amazing thing is that the commonality we have in God is still strong.

He has seen me through my worst seasons. Through the thick and the thin. He has witnessed my life before and after my calling. But through it all is still here by my side as a brother in Christ. I am blessed to have friends like him.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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