We returned home today from our mini family trip to Lake Erie. It was such a blessed time but on the drive home is when I realized how exhausted I was. That’s when I received a text from our worship leader that him and one of our members was going to come to church tonight to practice for our praise and prayer night. Since I have to open up the church and set things up for them I needed to go.

To be honest I did not feel motivated to go. We got home near 5 and then I had to eat real quick and then head over to church by 6:30. Even though I felt really rushed by the time I got there and they started practicing it was all worth it and filled me with excitement for tomorrow.

While driving home I got a message from one of our member’s girlfriend who visited our service last Sunday. This was only my second time meeting her but she told me words that I really needed to hear. She told me how that message really touched her and moved her into action and how she even told her friends back at home some of the key points.

I was in shock when I read it. I remember leaving that Sunday thinking I didn’t do a good job. Feeling displeased and unsatisifed. I didn’t think I was able to fully deliver God’s message.

But to have her tell me these things was so encouraging. It reminded me that preaching is not delivering my words but allowing God to preach His words through me. Even in times of doubt and questions God still moves. I was really humbled tonight 🙂

I saw God today.

Did you?

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