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Our Haiti mission trip is only 11 days away. I can’t believe it one bit. It doesn’t seem like a reality. The reason being is because I was honestly not excited. But that changed tonight.

We had a mission meeting tonight but just for the VBS team that I will be leading. It’s kind of embarrassing to say but it was our first team meeting. It’s been very difficult to meet because everyone’s conflicting schedules but finally we were able to make it happen. Since it was only our first meeting and it’s only 11 days until the trip we had so much to do.

I went into this meeting with a lot of burdens and some anxiety. But to start the meeting I thought it was neccassry to begin with prayer and worship. That time was so crucial and really touched my heart. God gave me the opportunity to breathe once again and remember what all this is for in the first place, which is to worship and serve God.

During the time of worship I encountered true freedom and earnest hunger and desire for this trip. I believe that I wasn’t the only one who faced this. It reflected during our preperation time. While we were practicing the songs and dances everyone was filled with a genuine joy. No grumbling or negativity.

That’s when God reminded me that the mission trip has already started. God has already begun His works in our hearts to prepare us for our next step. I’m so excited to just worship God and have every action be out of worship throughout the preperation and during the mission trip!

I saw God today.

Did you?

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What a joyful day it was. After surgery, hospital stays and time at the rehabilitation center my dad is finally home! Praise God!

He is finally in the condition to be back home. Through many many prayers and provision of the Lord his recovery has been exponential compared to his first surgery. It’s all because of God.

It almost brought tears of joy to my eyes to be able to come into the house with my dad once again. To be able to sit at the table and share a home cooked meal together. To sit in the living room and watch tv. All these things are such simple things we take for granted every day but today I realized how thankful I am to be able to do all this with my dad.

It’s been over 6 months now since all this has happened and to finally see prayers answered and find true hope had me speechless. All I can say is God is good. It hasn’t been easy one bit but through it all it is well.

I am blessed to have the dad that I do but more importantly I’m truly blessed for the Father that I have. God. Because of Him I can find joy and peace when it’s the hardest. I have learned to never lose hope and trust because God has everything in control. My dad’s recovery is still not over, many more walls to overcome and storms to battle but God has shown the light that helps us keep going.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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I have decided to start going back to the gym today. Lol. It’s been way too long and I’m definitely out of shape and for my health sake it’s about time.

It was a great workout and I realized that I’ve missed it for sure. Since it’s been awhile I was exhausted. So afterwards I went out to the pool to enjoy the nice weather and take a swim.

As I laid there and looked up into the blue sunny sky I felt this calm come over me. This sense of true peace and relaxation. That’s when I realized how long it’s been since I’ve just laid and looked up at the sky. The sky in itself is something that is always there but because of the hustle and bustle of life I tend to forget to take a glance.

But as I laid there and stared I saw how beautiful the summer sky truly is. How amazing of a creation it is from God. It may seem like a very simple thing but looking into the sky I was able to see a glimpse of God. His beauty and peacefulness.

Sometimes all we need to do is look up and forget about all our thoughts just be in awe of God. Take time to be lost in His art and creation. We don’t have to over complicate looking for God because the evidence of Him is everywhere.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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It was my first day back from retreat. Most people know that the day after retreat is usually a day of rest, catching up on sleep and absolutely nothing. That’s how my day pretty much started and continued to be until about dinner.

But after dinner I couldn’t help but realize the fire in my heart was still lit. The passion that I have been praying for all weekend was alive. I had a sudden rush of desire to just worship.

It was a nice cool evening and the gas prices dropped so I took advantage. Filled up on gas and took a nice drive around town with the windows down and played the songs from our retreat playlist and just worshipped.

Worship is definitely the fuel to my fire. And the beautiful thing about worship is that it can be done anywhere at anytime. Like in my car. I really enjoyed my time just being in the night feeling free and singing my heart out to my God.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Today has marked the end of our Refresh summer retreat. These last couple days have been none like any other. It was evident that God’s plans for us were much different than our expectations and what we desired. But that is why it was such a beautiful time because God moved completely through His ways and not ours.

This retreat was very different than any other retreat I have been to. A lot of times retreats are a time for corporate worship. But this retreat was very personal. God led each individual to personal intimacy and personal growth but used eachother to encourage one another to achieve that.

It was much more than just a time for our emotions. God moved in the deepest places of everyone’s hearts. That is exactly what we needed. I believe that the roots of our personal relationships with God have been touched. But it wasn’t easy.

There were so many distractions before us. The biggest distraction was not having air conditioning in 90 degree weather. God challenged our flesh. Physically and mentally it was difficult at first to focus on worship and intimacy with God because we were all tired, exhausted, physically worn out and weak. But He used us to encourage eachother to overcome these barriers to enter into a new place with Him.

I realized through this retreat that I would want no other community than my community of Refresh. We are much more than a Christian fellowship, rather a true family and bond of brothers and sisters. God used this time not only to grow intimitely in our personal relationships but grow as a true family through the hardships.

I love this family with all my heart. I am much more than just a leader of this group but just another brother in this family. I am blessed beyond measure to have such wonderful brothers and sisters to grow with and draw closer to God with together.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Today was our last full day of retreat. It was pretty amazing. Started off with a good devotion time in the morning and then went cave spelunking, followed by more devotion times, fellowship, small group and worship services. 

Long story short God used today to really speak into my heart personally. What God desired from me was to not only focus on pouring out into other people but take this opportunity at retreat to be intimate with God. That’s exactly what happened. 

During our final evening worship time we had a time of prayer. A time dedicated for personal intimacy with God. That is when God took me to that secret place I haven’t been to in such a long time. A place where it’s only me and God with no distractions. A time of true intimacy. 

I have been so longing for that and today God provided. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?


It has been the first official day of our Refresh 2016 summer retreat. God is so good. He has been speaking to me personally over and over again all day and I’m so excited just to be with Him. Today was just the beginning, the igniting of the fire and passion He is giving unto us. 

Our cabin isn’t ideally the best. We don’t have AC and there are many many bugs out here. The humidity is outrageous and many other things. But through it all God has given me such a positive and joyful mindset and heart. Because at the end of the day nothing matters except being with God. 

God has called everyone of us here by name and He wants us to be at this retreat. I believe God is going to move in our hearts this weekend so we will all fall so in love with Him! I’m excited to see how big these flames are going to get for God! 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 


After a long day I wanted to just go into my room and chill but there is much to do since we leave for our retreat tomorrow. My sister got all the groceries and food related items and they will all be going with me tomorrow. So I decided to start loading up the car tonight since the weather is a little cooler instead of doing it in the day time.

For me, my personality is when I have a task in hand I just want to get it done as quickly and effiecently as possible. So while I was loading up the car I ran back and forth from the house to the garage (my garage is not attached to my house) probably over ten times. All I could think about was loading up the car.

But on one of my trips walking back to the house I took a quick glance into my backyard and I found myself in a standstill. What caught my eyes was the big old tree. But what caught my attention was all the fireflies lighting up over and over again all over the tree. It was absolutely beautiful. No sound, just the breeze in the dark night, and these beautiful fireflies glowing up this tree.

I have probably passed that tree and these fireflies countless number of times but never took time to look. That’s when God gave me a revelation and spoke. He reminded me to take a look around and not be too focused on just my goal and what task is in hand. To be aware of what is happening around me.

I believe that is exactly what I needed to hear before this retreat. To remember not to be a control freak and only care about what has to be done but take a look around of what is happening in those moments. To look for God moving around me. To take a step back and be in awe of His presence.

I am so thankful God gave me this message tonight. He is already preparing my heart for what is to come this weekend. Giving me comfort and peace and reminding me what this retreat is all about. It’s not just about getting these done but to witness the process and what He is doing in every moment.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Tonight was our Refresh praise and prayer night. We used this opportunity tonight to prepare our hearts for our retreat this weekend.

The moment we began the evening God spoke to me. He told me to simply worship Him tonight. Nothing more, nothing less, just worship. That is exactly what He led all of us to do tonight. Worship the Lord.

That’s when I realized what God wanted this upcoming retreat to be about, which was totally different that my intentions. He doesn’t want it to be a time where we serve our internal wants and needs. Not a time just to look for blessings and good feelings. But rather I believe He wants it to be a time where we just worship Him. Where we serve Him and give unto Him instead of giving into ourselves.

The reality is we all live busy lives and lives filled with distractions. It’s hard to truly and fully worship God during our day to days. That is what I believe God has made this retreat for. A time where we can fully give him our hearts. To reconcile with Him. To speak to Him. But ultimately to love Him.

As the leader for this retreat I really needed this wisdom. Because I was planning to make it a time for us. A time for internal desires and wants to be satisfied. A time of blessings. But God has given me truth about what this weekend is really supposed to be about. Not for ourselves but for Him. To literally “retreat” from our worldly lives into a place with no distractions where we can give our undivided attention to God and God only.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Our Refresh retreat is only 3 days away and I can’t believe it! To get our hearts prepared for this retreat we will be having a praise and prayer night tomorrow. It will be led by our worship leader and two volunteers.

We all gathered together this evening to practice. Literally from the moment we all met up I was shocked in the excitement that each member had. Every single person was filled with such passion and hunger to worship our God.

To be honest I didn’t expect that. Usually practice is just practice but tonight was different. It was a start of what is to come this weekend. I witnessed the fire starting to burn in these three hearts. And that’s exactly what our retreat is about, to fan into flame a passion for HIS name.

To see that happening in these three individuals who will be leading us in preparing our hearts tomorrow was such a blessing. It’s evidence that God has already started to do His will. It started with three, then it came to me and I believe this excitement and passion will be contagious to all who come tomorrow.

God is using each person as an ember and when we all gather together we will ignite into one big fire burning for our God! I’m so excited to see this happen. To encounter our Father do His works in us!

I saw God today.

Did you?

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