Last week, spontaneously my family decided to plan a trip for this Memorial Day weekend. We didn’t want to go anywhere too far or too expensive so we chose to go to Lake Erie. Its only about 3 and a half hours from Cincinnati but we have never been before. We arrived here today 🙂 To be honest I was pretty excited, for a couple of reasons.

The biggest reason I was excited was because of my dad. Since he is getting surgery again in a little bit over a week, that means after the surgery he won’t be able to do much more probably a couple months. So this would be the last trip and time we could all spend time together as a family and go somewhere.

It’s been really hard getting the news that he would have to get surgery again. We actually found out only a day or two after we planned this trip. At first we were contemplating if we should cancel due to finances and such but we decided it would be best for my dad as well as our family to have this precious time together and get our minds off of things.

We decided to head up today after I got off of church. So after I did everything I needed to I rushed home to pack and set off. As soon as we started driving I was just filled with joy to be with my family. The car ride was not boring whatsoever and was actually pretty enjoyable.

After we checked into our hotel we headed over to a state park to grill out. We were right on the lake with a beautiful view. But then the unexpected happened. Rain. I mean pouring rain. Mid-grilling I got completely soaked standing our there with my family. It could have been a bummer but we all looked at it as pretty hilarious. We still needed to eat and the meat was already on the grill so we stood there with our umbrellas over the grill lol. Thank God the rain passed and we were blessed to have a full rainbow form right before our eyes.

Afterwards we didn’t have much planned so decided to just drive around and stop by wherever looked interesting. That is when I was just in awe. I couldn’t believe I was still in Ohio. I felt like I was somewhere in Florida or somewhere like that. Living here all my life it blew my mind that I never came to such a beautiful place.


As we were driving around and checking out all these spots I couldn’t help but be thankful from the bottom of my heart. Thankful for God and all the beauty that He has created. And thankful to be with my amazing family. Honestly these are the moments that keep me going. Times of joy and peace with nothing else holding me back. Being in the presence of God with the company of my beloved family.

There are a lot of challenges and hardships that are ahead of our family. But it is such a blessing that God has given us an opportunity like this to be filled with joy and peace and through that remove fear and doubt. All I can say is, God is good.

I saw God today.

Did you?


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