We had our second Haiti mission team meeting today. We were blessed to have one of my friends from school who is a second generation Haitian to come and speak to us about Haiti. I think through this meeting, more and more we are starting to receive that compassionate and excited heart for this mission trip.

To end our meeting we all gathered in a circle holding hands praying for different prayer topics. That is when God spoke into my heart and gave me a revelation through a song lyric.

Randomly I thought of the verse in the song “Consuming Fire” that states “consuming fire, fan into flame, a passion for your name”. I couldn’t stop thinking about these words and trying to identify what it meant to me and what God was trying to say.

That is when it hit me. Many times in missions we try to have this firey lesion for missions and the location we are going. Which isn’t neccassirly wrong. But what we need first is a passion for God. And through that passion he will give us the compassion for our mission.

I believe that is the desire that God has for our mission team but for me personally as well. To not just look for a desire for this mission trip but first find that desire and hunger for Him. When we are fully desiring God and reaching for Him, He will give us His heart. That is one of my biggest prayer requests for this mission trip. For us as a team to have the passion for God first.

I am so thankful He revealed His heart to me today. I was in need of these truths. I was able to open my eyes even bigger to see the underlying message and reason of what we are to do.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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