Instead of having our normal Wednesday bible study for Refresh we had a fellowship picnic at the park. It was for 3 different occasions. First, it was to welcome the high school graduates into Refresh. Second, to send off one of our brothers who will be moving to California this week. Third, to celebrate our worship leader’s birthday which was today. Overall it was an evening just filled with blessings and joy from the Lord but a certain moment really hit me.

So our worship leader has been such a critical member and leader of Refresh. He truly has a gift of worship and praise and he is talented beyond measure even though he may not know it. God uses him every single time he leads us in worship. He is truly a blessing to us from God. Also he is a beloved brother of mine.

But he has been using the same guitar he has been for many many years. It’s warped and hard for him to play and also it isn’t an acoustic electric so he has to borrow other people’s guitar to plug into our sound system for Sunday service.

He is currently in the process of job searching and will be possibly be moving sometime soon back to Jersey or elsewhere. Since it was his birthday I thought that it would be nice to get him a new guitar since he really does deserve it.

So I reached out to all our fellow brothers and sisters in Refresh, even to the ones who have moved away to see if they would all be willing to pitch in for the new guitar. Honestly I was pretty blown away by how many people were willing and wanting to contribute so generously. By their hearts I was reminded how much our worship leader is loved by so many people.

I went and purchased the guitar yesterday. We wanted to surprise him with it at the picnic today. So he leaves his guitar at church so what I did was I went to church and got his case and swapped out the old one and the new one. We didn’t have worship planned for today’s picnic but I told him I brought his guitar and was wondering if he could lead us in a song or two. Of course he agreed because he is always willing. And then he opened up the case and saw the guitar and said “dude this isn’t my guitar” and that is when we all started singing happy birthday.

 Seeing his face light up with that much joy was such a blessing. To know that he has just been blessed through the blessings of many many brothers and sisters. He truly deserves it. And when you see someone get blessed who really deserves it is one of the greatest things to witness. My hope for him on his birthday today is that he would be reminded that he is loved by us but ultimately loved so much by God!

I saw God today.

Did you?

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