A lot of people may already know but my dad broke his femur in his left leg in which he has pre existing polio in December when he slipped and fell in a restaurant. It’s been an uphill battle ever since for him but as well as our family. He is a self employed business owner and since the accident hasn’t been able to work to this day. That means no income but what is harder than that is seeing someone like my dad who is a workaholic and loves what he does not being able to do so.

He had surgery right after the incident and has been recovering at home and doing physical therapy. It has almost been six months now. But starting last week his therapist kept saying he was concerned about the recovery and hasn’t been swing progress. Today was his appointment with his surgeon.

Since I didn’t have anything on my schedule for today I planned on going with him and my family to the doctor but last minute I had this urge of not wanting to go. I just had this weird feeling so I decided to stay back and my mom and sister went with him.

As I was home alone I kept feeling very uneasy. I was texting my sister but wasn’t getting any replies. By that time it was over an hour after the appointment and should be the time for them to be done. I couldn’t wait any longer so I called my sister and asked her how everything went.

That is when she said that my dad needs to get surgery again. My heart dropped and I couldn’t help but have tears in my eyes. This last month or so we finally felt like we had some hope and prayers were being answered. I really believed that I could see light at the end of the tunnel. But when I thought nothing could get worse and only better the worse happened.

Him having surgery again means we have to do all this over. To imagine that we would have to re-live these 6 months over again brought me so much pain. For my family and myself but especially for my dad.

So as soon as I got the news I got on my knees and started praying and had a time of worship. To be honest it was hard to pray. It was hard to have that belief and trust in God. That is when the song “God is Able” started playing.

God encouraged me to sing out these words and really proclaim these truths. Even though it was difficult I was able to find this comfort in Him. To know that God is able to do all things even when we think He can’t.

I trust in Him. I trust in the plans of my God and His unfailing love for my dad and our family. Even though things may not seem the brightest I know God’s will is perfect in His own ways and I have faith in that.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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